Clear Air Conditioning & Heating provides effective whole-house air filtration for our customers in North Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas.  Whether a family member suffers from allergies/asthma, or you’re looking to optimize the health of your indoor environment, we’re here to help.  Our technicians ensure long-term results, offering Perfect 16, the highest rated whole-house air cleaner through independent testing. Removing bacteria, pet dander, mold spores, dust, pollen, fumes, and a wide range of pollutants, no other system compares to the Perfect 16.

Whole Home Air Filtration

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) proves the effectiveness of air filtration.  Rated a perfect MERV 16, the Perfect 16 achieves the highest possible rating, is compatible with most HVAC systems and targets 100% of the air in the home.  Taking advantage of microfiber filtration panels, this innovative technology traps harmful micro-particles every time the heating or cooling equipment operates, up to 125 times per day.

While many whole-home air cleaners restrict airflow as much as 50%, resulting in greater wear and tear on HVAC equipment, longer run times, and excessive energy usage, the Perfect 16 features ultra low air resistance, promoting superior HVAC efficiency and overall performance.  In other words, you’ll not only enjoy healthier indoor air quality, but the system pays for itself in lower monthly energy bills. Plus, the extra large filter surface is designed to provide reliable and effective results without replacement for up to three full years.

For further information, expert service, and unmatched results contact Clear Air Conditioning & Heating.  Our professionals provide greater value for your investment with quality equipment and job performance throughout Peoria, Deer Valley, Arrowhead Ranch, North Mountain Village and Anthem, AZ.

Affiliate Contractors

As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist Clear Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to meet the stringent standards set by Trane to qualify as a Comfort Specialist. We are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and continuing education. Let us make you more comfortable!

Curt Wellendorf is recognized by the Mechanical Trade Contractors of Arizona as 2016’s MTCAZ Contractor Member of the Year in appreciation for his professional commitment to the Mechanical Trade Industry.

As a certified IQ Air® dealer Clear Air Conditioning & Heating provides medical-grade air purification for your home. We are dedicated to providing the best air cleaning products and support available today. Our products create healthy environments in homes, hospitals and laboratories around the world.