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As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist, Clear Air Conditioning & Heating follows verified strategies to restore the factory condition of all makes and models of cooling equipment.  Our specialists uphold strenuous criteria of expertise, continue updated training, and achieve your satisfaction through meticulous service.

The AC Maintenance Professionals

All jobs are completed quickly, yet deliver an end result that saves you time, money, and disruption.  Through proactive upkeep we counteract wear and tear, promote greater reliability, combat energy waste, optimize air quality, enhance comfort, minimize sound levels, and extend equipment life.

Air Conditioning Efficiency & the Proactive Homeowner

As temperatures begin to rise here in the Valley, air conditioning systems are going to be doing more and more work.  You can expect your electrical bill to go up during the summer months because of the AC system, but you should also make sure that your bills don’t rise too much.  Compare what you’re paying now to what you were paying at the same time last year.  Is the difference surprising?  If you find that it is, than it’s probably because the air conditioner is losing energy efficiency.

The drop in AC efficiency, and the rise in electric costs may be a simple case of an over-the-hill AC that can’t do its job as well as it once did.  If your system is 10 years or older, a drop in efficiency usually means you should have the unit replaced.  Otherwise, you’ll keep paying the electric company more and more each year.

Be a Proactive Homeowner, and give us a call, our Trane Comfort Specialist will come to your home (free, no obligation) to see how we can help you save money & electricity!  Believe us, we know it sounds a little crazy to spend money just to save money.  But, a new, more efficient unit will pay for itself in lower electric bills.  It is an investment not only in saving you money, but in your overall comfort during the hot Arizona summers.

There are plenty of ways to make a Trane HVAC system affordable for you.  Call 844-325-2503 to speak with our Trane Comfort Specialists. Our team is well versed in all ways to save you money and make owning a Trane affordable.  Be sure to ask about the current specials, rebates (if applicable), and financing options available.

Give our team a call for all your air conditioner services!

Call on Clear Air Conditioning & Heating at 844-325-2503 for further information and enjoy convenient scheduling anywhere in North Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. Our uniformed technicians arrive right on time, equipped for the job. We respect your home, taking care to avoid damage or mess.  Let us fulfill the requirements of your manufacturer’s warranty, and protect the value and return of your cooling system. We make sure you’re ready for the summer heat, and ensure a perfectly comfortable home with seasonal air conditioner maintenance across North Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas.

Affiliate Contractors

As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist Clear Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to meet the stringent standards set by Trane to qualify as a Comfort Specialist. We are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and continuing education. Let us make you more comfortable!

Curt Wellendorf is recognized by the Mechanical Trade Contractors of Arizona as 2016’s MTCAZ Contractor Member of the Year in appreciation for his professional commitment to the Mechanical Trade Industry.

As a certified IQ Air® dealer Clear Air Conditioning & Heating provides medical-grade air purification for your home. We are dedicated to providing the best air cleaning products and support available today. Our products create healthy environments in homes, hospitals and laboratories around the world.


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