At Clear Air Conditioning & Heating, we refuse to compromise when it comes to Indoor Air Quality.  While there are a wide variety of sources and types of contaminants, we customize our strategies to deliver immediate and sustainable results.  There’s no guesswork, no generic solutions, and no doubt of your satisfaction. Contact Clear Air Conditioning & Heating at 844-325-2503 for accurate and swift diagnosis of your indoor environment in North Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas.  Our factory authorized technicians formulate a targeted plan, combining expertise with a broad range of quality equipment to achieve your goals.

Expert Indoor Air Quality Services

Certified as an IQAir dealer, Clear Air Conditioning & Heating combats issues with medical-grade air purification.  We draw from the leading air cleaning options and technology on the market to create cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable living and working environments across Peoria, Deer Valley, Arrowhead Ranch, North Mountain Village and Anthem, AZ.  For both residential and commercial demand, in a single room, larger space or whole-home, we offer quiet, low-maintenance, and effective air quality accessories. There is simply no challenge we can’t resolve.

Filters – Filters – Filters

What type of filter is best for your home?

How often should the filter be replaced?

What is MERV rating?

MERV rating is the “minimum efficiency reporting value”, and ranges from 1 to 16.  The higher the MERV, the more efficient the filter is in trapping airborne particles.

There are 5 different types of filters:

  1. Fiberglass (1-4 MERV rating)
  2. Pleated (6 or higher MERV rating)
  3. Disposable Electrostatic (10 or higher MERV rating)
  4. Hepa-Filters (14-16 MERV rating)
  5. Washable (varied MERV rating)

The best filter for your home is one that removes the most pollutants from the air while allowing your HVAC system to perform at peak condition.  Older HVAC systems, or those with leaky ducts may need filters with lower MERV ratings.  It could take you some experimenting to find out which filter works best for you.  Luckily, most of your choices are relatively inexpensive.

How often will vary based on filter type, allergies, pets, etc.  But, the lower the MERV rating, the more frequent you should replace the filter.

Let your HVAC system breathe easy again

IQ Air has recently introduced their NEW NanoMax filters.  NanoMax filters ensure the highest performance filtration with maximum airflow and whole home coverage.

Unlike conventional HEPA filters that require three-month replacement intervals, NanoMax filters can extend the replacement intervals to 12 months, resulting in substantial savings.  Key benefits of the NanoMax are:

  • NanoMax filters exceed MERV 16 requirements
  • Special pleat design in the NanoMax filter results in five times more filter surface area than conventional HEPA filters
  • Conventional filters use two or three filtration effects, the NanoMax uses five for dramatically improved results
  • Remove up to 95% of all airborne particles, including dust, mold, viruses, bacteria, and allergens
  • NanoMax filters require little or no alterations to existing HVAC systems
  • NanoMax filters are all 2″ deep, and are available in sizes: 30×20, 25×20, 25×16, 20×20


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As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist Clear Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to meet the stringent standards set by Trane to qualify as a Comfort Specialist. We are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and continuing education. Let us make you more comfortable!

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As a certified IQ Air® dealer Clear Air Conditioning & Heating provides medical-grade air purification for your home. We are dedicated to providing the best air cleaning products and support available today. Our products create healthy environments in homes, hospitals and laboratories around the world.