Consider a Ductless HVAC as an alternative to bulky, invasive, conventional heating/cooling equipment. Compact and versatile, ductless split systems accommodate nearly any demand or application. For residential or commercial purposes, to target a single room or the whole house, the equipment installs without requiring major tear down, mess, or expense. And when you call on the experts from Clear Air Conditioning & Heating, we design the perfect system, complete seamless installation, and typically handle the whole project in one day. For ductless services in North Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas, we’re the right call to make.

What are the benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning?

  1. Compact Size and Flexibility: Generally small in size, mini split systems offer your home unparalleled flexibility when it comes to temperature control and achieving total comfort. Without the need for ducts, contractors can install ductless air conditioning and heating systems in places that would otherwise be impossible. Four indoor units can cool four separate rooms in your home, each with a separate thermostat. Additionally, these ductless air conditioning units can be easily re-positioned as necessary to provide cooling for other rooms.
  2. Indoor Air Quality: Suffering from air borne or seasonal allergies? You may want to consider a ductless hvac system. Ductless systems utilize multi-stage air-purifying filters that can absorb allergens like pollen, dust, mildew, and germs, and prevent them from proliferating in the air. Furthermore, they consistently circulate fresh and healthy air in your home throughout the day.
  3. Cost Savings & Energy Efficiency: Resulting from their ductless design, minisplit ac systems do not experience the same degrees of energy loss used in central air conditioning systems. Energy losses associated with ducts from traditional air conditioning systems account for over 30 percent of consumption during use! Ductless systems, instead, use inverter technology to regulate room temperature for efficient energy use, helping you save the environment and save on your utility bills as well. Ductless AC systems have the ability to heat and cool your home at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, In many locations, utility companies offer incentives and rebates for upgrading to more energy-efficient home temperature solutions.
  4. Quiet Operation: Ductless split systems are near silent when compared to traditional air conditioners and window air conditioners. Ductless AC systems produce only a fraction of the noise level of conventional AC units, reaching around 20-36 dB. These systems are ideal for the home, schools, and offices where noise and distractions are to be avoided.
  5. Interior Design: Not only are ductless hvac units often considered more aesthetically pleasing than conventional ac units, you have more interior design options to choose from as well. Most units are slim with a sleek outer appearance and can be hung on a wall, suspended from a ceiling, or mounted into a drop ceiling. Ductless Mini Split systems allow you greater control and flexibility over the appearance of your home.

Dependable Ductless Heating & Cooling Services

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, our dedicated technicians are trained to exceptional standards and well-versed in leading ductless technology. From ductless air conditioners to heat pumps, we bring you outstanding efficiency levels, quiet operation, remote control, streamlined air handlers, and heating/cooling capacity to maintain perfect and even temperature despite severe weather.

Along with new installation, retrofit, and upgrades, Clear Air Conditioning & Heating provides cost-effective maintenance and skilled repair of all makes and models. We are here to help, 24/7, anywhere across Peoria, Deer Valley, Arrowhead Ranch, North Mountain Village and Anthem, AZ.

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