“Unfortunately, we had to replace and install all new equipment as our A/C units were old and one had quit working completely.

The crew was very friendly, and helpful, they cleaned up after themselves.

They came back to do an install check couple weeks later and everything was running top-notch, they had a question about the noise of one of the systems and so they called into Trane tech-support and found out that it was fine. It was just noisy because of the length of the lead from the house to the A/C unit.

We were very impressed with Brock who is the sales person, Thomas, and all the others that accompanied in installing all the units; 2 AC units outside, 2 coils and 2 furnaces , and new wiring inside, as well as 2 thermostats inside. They assisted and made sure that we were able to get the thermostats connected to the phone app for easy use.

We would highly recommend the company, as well as their staff. They were very polite, they thought it would be a 7am-8:30 pm job, they were done by 4pm. Very impressed with their work ethics.

Terry and Cyndi A.”

– Terry A.